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Rhône-Alpes Biodiversite (Herpéto-Ain) is not a structure. Don't ask us for train session or job.
However, we remain open to any field trip. 


Des Reptiles et des Hommes

Rhône-Alpes Biodiversité (Herpeto-Ain) is a website created in order to present all herpetological natural wealth of the Rhône-Alpes through observations of passionate and invested local ecologist.
In general, the overall biodiversity will find its place on this site.


All reptiles and amphibians are protected France, find out about your rights!




Send your naturalistic data!

With the tool data entry online FAUNE-AIN, you can transmit your data naturalists accurately thanks to geolocation.


Visit the online entry tool FAUNE-AIN !


Herpetofauna -Ain is a website where you will find lots and accurate information about the herpetofauna of the Rhône -Alpes region.

Each observation was carefully here .
Herpetofauna -Ain is managed by Alexander Roux, member of GHRA ( Herpetological Group Rhône- Alpes) attached to the LPO coordination Rhône -Alpes .
So you will find some stories outings and meetings GHRA which we participate in the topic.

Information Partnership
All sites related to wildlife can offer or be offered a partnership from Herpeto-Ain .
The partnership included a link to each partner sites.

Resolution image and video rights
Everyone is entitled to provide information and photos to herpetofauna -Ain site no matter its location.
Photos of the site should not be found on other sites under penalty of prosecution.
Each photo will be installed over a copyright or moin visible depending on the will of the owner of the photo.




Roux Alexandre


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